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Our Workstages

1| Initial Appraisal

Following the initial meeting we will provide a written understanding of the project along with an estimate of our schedule of services, broad time scale of instruction and schedule of fees. If appointed we work through the listed stages schedule dependant upon clients requirements.

  • Initial visit to site
  • Preliminary research
  • Sketch Appraisal

2| Pre Planning

We begin by analysing clients requirements against project constraints, preparing feasibility drawings from additional surveyed information showing potential of project. Subject to type of project these may include:

  • Develop your project concepts
  • Draft Site plans
  • Draft Floor plans / Elevations
  • Scheme Visuals / Walkthroughs

3| Planning

Upon agreement that the pre planning schemes are acceptable, a more detailed scheme for submission will be drawn up for submission to the planning authority, including drawings & documents such as:

  • Planning Layout / Site Plan
  • Floor Plans / Elevations
  • Site Plans
  • Design & Access Statements
  • Scheme Visuals (where required)

4| Technical Design

We produce detailed drawings and brief specification notes for building regulation application which is submitted to the local authority or building control authority of your choice. At this stage we produce technical:

  • Constructional Plans, Elevs, Sections
  • Brief specification notes
  • Details (where required for building control)
  • Site Setout

5| Production Information

Further to technical information required for building control approval (stage 4) we can provide additional information to assist with the progression of the build and ensure your required level of quality is delivered. This is achieved with:

  • Further Developed Plans, Sections, Elevations
  • Constructional Details
  • Detailed Specification
  • Schedules of Work
  • Site drainage & services (where required)

6| Tender Documentation

We prepare and collate tender documentation (drawings and details of project to gain pricing for the build of the project) in sufficient detail to enable tender or tenders to be obtained for the project.

7| Tender Action

We send tender documentation (drawings and details of project to gain pricing for the build of the project) to prospective agreed suppliers. (by your choice or from our contacts)

When tenders returned we can evaluate the information against the requirements of the specification designed to your requirements.

8| Site Supervision

Once the Contractor makes a start on site, we make periodic visits, normally once a week, to inspect the works to ensure that they are being carried out in accordance with the Contract Documents / technical documentation.

Beyond these stages it would be subject to clients build route of how much further involvement is required.

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